I’m a full time medical student but in the rare moments I actually have time for myself I like to shoot anything and everything I can. I have always had a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember as the unofficial official family videographer. I started photography as a full time hobby sometime in 2012 due to my passion for extreme weather but quickly realized found myself in the event photography space as a college student with a camera and the know how of how to actually use one. I experimented with lenses, flashes, mostly all manual lenses because those were cheaper but I noticed I learned things a lot faster having to change things myself rather than if I could leave things on auto. My event photography continued into my medical school career in Grenada and had a few opportunities to experiment with portraits and group photography which aren’t that much different than events other than the fact that there are outfits, hair and formal posing. Living in Grenada also made it hard to say no to landscape and astrophotography. Living in NJ next to NYC for most of my life, astrophotography was never written in the stars for me (no pun intended, just kidding pun intended) but I had read a lot about it and knew what I needed to make it happen. Most of what I learned is from a lot of reading and preplanning and very little time experimenting because I found I’ve gotten to the point that I understand how things work in theory and can visualize results before doing them. My advice to those that always ask me to teach them how to use a camera: start in manual, learn how each setting works with the other to create the final image. Isolate each setting and change it to see how they all work individually before you try putting it all together.

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