I never say that in real life but I thought I’d switch it up a little. My name is Kevin and I am lucky enough to be studying medicine in the Caribbean. I have shot on basically every type of camera available for purchase nowadays from digital point and shoots, camera phones, smart phones, DSLRs, you name it. I’ve always been limited on money so I’ve always learned to make the best of what I’ve had. I learned techniques of composition and framing and editing through my use of point and shoots so there’s a lot to be learned there. Then when I moved up to DSLRs, I started playing around with more manual shooting techniques like shutter speed manipulation and flash photography. I’m still learning so feel free to chime in when you think you have something to teach me.

A lot of how I learned photography is by practice BUT ALSO a lot of reading. Read blogs, look at photos and try to understand how a photographer can acquire that shot. THEN you go out and try to copy (for learning purposes) and recreate using the techniques you learned. I’ve seen people try to copy photographs of professionals and try to sell them as if they are pros, don’t do that. Be creative, be yourself.

Also, people always ask what I shoot with. My answer, it shouldn’t matter what I use because anyone can recreate an image if they understand what is needed. Equipment is not the limiting factor (in most cases). Otherwise we’d all HAVE TO BUY a Canon 1Dx or something crazy.  Learn to use what you have. And then to really answer the question, I’ve shot on the newer Nikon and Canon basic entry level crop sensor DSLRs and camcorders/point and shoots a decade old.