Hi everyone!

So some of you may have already guessed or already know, but I’ve been getting into photography and have been building up some experience with cameras over the last few years. I’ve shot on phones, point and shoots and DSLRs and have found ways to get the best of what I was using. Hopefully the articles I generate here can give you some insight on how to apply what I’ve learned to your own photography. I’m no professional so I’m willing to learn from you as well. I believe it’s all about making the best of what you have and getting as close to the professional look with what you have and enjoying it in the process.

My thought and intent is to create an e-book or online course for intermediate to advanced photography, however in the meantime, I’d like to just share what I’ve been working on. The project is currently named Photography for EVERYONE, not a dummies manual for beginners and if you follow along, you can see the progression of difficulty and improve at your own pace in the areas you are interested in.

If the following are not linked or starred*, that means it is still being written. I have targeted a lot of my writing towards DSLRs because that seems to be the “trend” in what people are buying and what people are not knowing how to use. Some techniques are applicable to point and shoots and non-interchangeable lens cameras though.

Preface – Intro to Photography

Ch 1 – Nature / Landscape photography Intro

Clear Waters – (ocean/beach)

Running Water – (rivers/streams/long exposure)


Solar Eclipse

Ch 2 – Night photography – Intro

Some scenarios

Capturing the Moon

Seeing into the Milky Way



*Ch 3 – Flash / Strobe techniques

*Ch 4 – iPhoneography


Suggestions are welcome. This is a very dynamic list. It will probably change every time I work on this as I come up with more ideas for more content. Leave a comment below or send me an email to kevinly@me.com if you have requests for topics. Guest writers are also welcome if you are familiar with a certain topic.

If you feel this page is worth something to you and feel like contributing/donating, send me an email: kevinly@me.com. This is certainly not why I’m doing this but if I do generate anything monetary out of this, it will likely go to a local charity. It’s just that future doctor mentality of giving back and helping others.