Photography can be as daunting or simple as you make it. I put together a few pages on how to get started with a few advanced techniques inside each post so varying levels of photographers can learn and improve their skills.

Photography is not always about having the most expensive camera or fancy equipment. Creativity and composition can make or break a photo. At the same time, knowing how to use your camera to get more creative shots will also be helpful. Hopefully, I can show you a few techniques, tips and tricks for using the camera you currently have, point and shoot, DSLR or iPhone camera, and learning how to take the best photos possible.

You’ll notice I do focus on DSLRs because that is the most popular type of camera for photography enthusiasts but at the bottom or end of each post, I do try to include how the lesson can be adapted to point and shoots or smartphone cameras.

Start with the contents here or use the menu of this site to navigate through the lessons.