Presby Memorial Iris Gardens by Kevin Ly on

Probably one of the more popular types along side portraits of models.

There are tons of ways to do nature photography. Macro, wide landscapes, we’ll go over most of them eventually. The biggest thing about nature photography is composition and having an eye for interesting things just because nature photography is SO popular that it just gets redundant after a while. You want to capture something special or just see things differently. Don’t be afraid to shoot from weird angles.

With that being said, and all creativity aside, this is one of the easier ones to learn. Most people start on nature photography to learn how to use their DSLRs because you really can’t go wrong. I suggest taking an hour out of your weekend and go sit by some flowers or something and start on manual and adjust all the knobs you can turn until you understand how light is affected by these changes. That’s the easiest way to learn because once you understand the relationships of aperture, shutter speed and ISO, you can take almost any picture you want.

In the following few sections, I’ll try to show you a few more advanced techniques for you to try to feel more professional and make you a better photographer in the end.