Solar Eclipse by Kevin Ly on

Solar Eclipse
Kevin Ly

So there is currently a solar eclipse going on right now so I just thought I’d make a quick post. Remember there is never a good reason to look into the sun so remember not to use the viewfinder when using cameras and only use the live screen modes. To view the eclipse SAFELY please try this pinhole technique which can involve a piece of scrap paper and a pencil or pen to create a small hole. Now find a surface and slowly pull the pinhole away from the surface and you should start to see the eclipse WITHOUT damaging your eyes! And this is one of the only ways to photograph the sun using a phone.



For DSLRs, please use a proper solar filter to prevent damage to your sensor. NDs and Polarizers do not filter an appropriate amount of the sun’s rays and will damage your sensor. Also, do NOT use the viewfinder, use Live View and the screen only to protect your eyes.